As a busy working mother of two small children with a job that requires crazy hours and travel, I had no idea how I was going to keep up any form of exercise other than lugging kids around and doing squats while clearing up Lego.

There was, basically, no time but then I found Clarice. I’m able to work-out at home, at a time that suits, with my kids hanging out with me – they think it’s hilarious when mummy is jumping and doing ‘her funny moves’. They are also keen to be additional resistance and take the place of a kettlebell in high swings!

I feel a million times better when I exercise; I’m a better mum, partner, boss and most importantly a better me. Clarice is amazing with kids and she has done wonders for my strength, flexibility and getting me back into a routine.

The best thing is she can provide you with all-round training, get your heart rate up and pumping and also stretch you out with a mindful Pilates session. The other amazing thing about Clarice is that she’s also a great masseuse. My partner is a runner and has worked with Clarice for recovery. I couldn’t say enough good things about Clarice and how great she is.