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This woman is a superstar! I found Clarice when I was at my most unfit. My main goal was to FEEL GOOD in my own skin. I wanted to run 5km within a year. I literally couldn’t run 100m without needing to stop.

We started off slow, Clarice was patient and reassuring, never gave up and by December I ran not just 5km but a half marathon. I feel great, it’s had life-changing results. If running isn’t for you, her toning class will whip you into shape.

Clarice doesn’t shout and grumble. Her style is uniquely supportive and hugely effective at getting the results you want. She is a role model with her own fitness transformation.

She gets how tough the journey is and never judges, always supports. She has become my friend and mentor and I couldn’t recommend her more highly to improve your fitness and feel good


I cannot praise Clarice Fitness enough. The exercises were tailored to fit my needs and level of fitness. Clarice not only provides personal training but also a whole programme of health and well-being, including tips on healthy eating. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was hesitant to exercise because of the pain.

Clarice was not only brilliant at making me feel at ease but she was also well informed about what I should and shouldn’t do which helped with my recovery.

I found the programme to be flexible and easy to fit around my working day. It’s the best thing I ever did and I would urge anyone who needs to get healthy and fit to give Clarice a call.


Each session with Clarice is different so never gets boring. Sessions can be indoor at home or outdoor in the park or outdoor gym or a run session. Clarice is very patient and gently encourages and instills confidence in your own abilities.

With Clarice I have gotten stronger and am always pleasantly surprised at some of the exercises I can now do that were beyond me 6 months ago.


I was introduced to Clarice by a neighbour who sang her praises and encouraged me to attend her classes.

I just thought of pain but went along anyway. I was surprised to see real women like myself having fun while exercising and even find myself enjoying workouts. The ladies are really supportive and encouraging. Clarice’s spirit and love of fitness shine through, even if she can’t count when challenging you to do one more exercise!

A full-body conditioning routine, with breaks. Highly recommend attending if you want a fitter, stronger, healthy version of yourself. You know you are worth it. Trust me, you will not regret it.


I have been with Clarice Fitness for 5 years. After years of being a couch potato, through the guidance of Clarice, I feel fitter, healthier and vastly more energetic.

Clarice is a true professional – she is someone who has a wealth of knowledge on fitness and is able to combine this with an approach suited to your specific goals, whether they be weight loss, toning or general fitness.

Affable, patient and highly competent, she encourages you to push your limits but also lets you leave the session with a smile on your face.

I cannot speak highly enough of her.


Clarice is amazing! She’s really turned my poor fitness around. I struggled with getting started after a break but she’s fun, kind but very professional.

I learnt how to work hard to build up strength and a better level of fitness.


Great to work with. I started from nothing and she gave me the motivation to get going. I saw enormous improvements in my physical and mental health.

Absolutely recommend her to anyone, whatever you want to get started with.


As a busy working mother of two small children with a job that requires crazy hours and travel, I had no idea how I was going to keep up any form of exercise other than lugging kids around and doing squats while clearing up Lego.

There was, basically, no time but then I found Clarice. I’m able to work-out at home, at a time that suits, with my kids hanging out with me – they think it’s hilarious when mummy is jumping and doing ‘her funny moves’. They are also keen to be additional resistance and take the place of a kettlebell in high swings!

I feel a million times better when I exercise; I’m a better mum, partner, boss and most importantly a better me. Clarice is amazing with kids and she has done wonders for my strength, flexibility and getting me back into a routine.

The best thing is she can provide you with all-round training, get your heart rate up and pumping and also stretch you out with a mindful Pilates session. The other amazing thing about Clarice is that she’s also a great masseuse. My partner is a runner and has worked with Clarice for recovery. I couldn’t say enough good things about Clarice and how great she is.

Busy mum, Dulwich

Working with Clarice has been nothing short of life-changing for me.

The ‘I’ll definitely work out next week’ excuse has been a mainstay for me for years, decades even. That was until my wife booked me in with Clarice in summer 2019. Since then our twice-weekly one-on-one early morning hour in the park, although tough, has been very rewarding. Clarice is motivating without being shouty/annoying – she works on all areas of fitness which is great, and brings interesting equipment so training is never boring.

I’m tall and have back and flexibility issues – under Clarice’s supervision, my core has strengthened, I’m much more flexible and I’m stronger then I have been for years.


Clarice had to coax me into attending an interval training class as, with my wobbly balance, I didn’t believe I could do it. Her class was full of people of all shapes, sizes and ages, all trying to achieve their own personal goals, not judging each other. Each week things got easier and I began enjoying the classes.

Clarice has given me the confidence to attend gym classes and go running. After working with her for over a year, I feel more energetic, fit and healthy than I have in years.

Female, 42