I have been training with Clarise for roughly 10 months: I had had to shield whilst doing fulltime homeschooling throughout the lockdown and in the midst of all that, looking after my own health and fitness got lost.

I had been thinking about a personal trainer but usually imagined a man (being a man myself) and was put off by the ‘macho’ set of attitudes and values that seemed to come as part of the package with a male PT! (no offence intended!)

My wife found Clarice online and I decided to try training with her and she has provided exactly the kind of support I was after.

She very quickly came up with a programme providing just the right balance of Pilates, aerobics and weights to kickstart me out of my fitness slump, and I have been able to completely transform my lifestyle ever since, quickly losing fat and gaining muscle, gradually taking up cycling, weights training and Pilates at home, all inspired, motivated and underpinned by the central pivot of my weekly sessions with Clarice which I am still continuing as I feel that they are still, ten months on, essential to keeping this new fitness regime going and Continuing to embed it as a permanent part of my future life.

If you are looking for someone to support your fitness who is, in addition to being highly skilled and knowledgeable in her trade, calm, friendly, easygoing, gently supportive and encouraging, and able to facilitate you in pushing yourself to test your own limits without ever experiencing that pressure as unpleasant or harsh then Clarise is the fitness trainer for you!