Working with Clarice has been nothing short of life-changing for me. The ‘I’ll definitely work out next week’ excuse has been a mainstay for me for years, decades even. That was until my wife booked me in with Clarice in the summer of 2019, since then our twice-weekly one on one early morning hour in the park, although tough, has been very rewarding.

Clarice is motivating without being shouty/annoying she works on all areas of fitness which is great and brings interesting equipment so training is never boring.

I’m tall and have back and flexibility issues under Clarice’s supervision, my core has strengthened, I’m much much more flexible and I’m stronger than I have been for years…

Then there’s the running! I’ve never been a runner, I hated it, pains in my ankles, shins etc. Within a couple of weeks with Clarice we started jogging, we were running 5Ks pretty quickly and not too long after, I managed my first 10K (I’ve run 3 now) Her love of running is infectious and I definitely class myself as an amateur runner now, all because of her. Not sure she’ll get her way and have me run a half marathon as yet…but you never know!”

Cheers, Martin.