I have been doing Pilates with Clarice for a year or so now and I can really see the improvement to my core strength and my toning.

I’ve also recently begun personal training sessions with Clarice and she’s fantastic, she has listened to the areas I want to improve and has tailored the sessions to achieve my goals.

She also keeps them varied so I keep motivated, and is happy for me to request specific activities if I particularly want to focus on that.

She’s a great trainer, easy to work with, and a lovely person who is so determined to help me achieve results. Thanks Clarice!


I just wanted to say I really enjoyed my 1st Pilates class, despite being totally unfit and inflexible! I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS after a period of being paralysed from the knees down and going blind a few times.

I do suffer from balance issues and tiredness at times but at the moment I feel great, so my attention can now be focused on getting fitter! Thank you for inspiring me!


My Pilates ability really moved forward in training with Clarice. She is excellent at encouraging you to improve and challenge your abilities within a safe and friendly environment.

As a result, my core strength and flexibility improved no end, and her classes are always fun


After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and having two children, I lost confidence in myself. I started attending Pilates classes with Clarice and realised that my muscles were getting stronger and my fitness was improving.

Clarice is kind and understanding by nature, and her experience helps her relate to people who have an illness or are recovering from an injury. Clarice had to coax me into attending an interval training class as, with my wobbly balance, I didn’t believe I could do it.

Her class was full of people of all shapes, sizes and ages, all trying to achieve their own personal goals, not judging each other. Each week things got easier and I began enjoying the classes.

Clarice has given me the confidence to attend gym classes and go running. After working with her for over a year, I feel more energetic, fit and healthy than I have in years.

Female, aged 42