I have been training with Clarice, for over two years, was looking to get fit enough to run the London Marathon. I had a place for Guys Hospital Charity Team as I am a patient, I have stage 4 Breast cancer attended twice a week until COVID and she managed to adapt on went online with our sessions.

Clarice is truly a wonderful lady. She is very inspiring, gives up lots of her time to help others achieve their fitness goals. She is invested in everyone’s health and never asks for anything in return. She really gives gives gives.

She helps anyone regardless of fitness levels and makes everyone believe they can do it. There is not a day that she doesn’t contact the Exercise For Everyone’s WhatsApp group to check on everyone and motivate them.

I’m very grateful she has come into my life.

Many thanks, Janet


This woman is a superstar! I found Clarice when I was at my most unfit. My main goal was to FEEL GOOD in my own skin. I wanted to run 5km within a year. I literally couldn’t run 100m without needing to stop.

We started off slow, Clarice was patient and reassuring, never gave up and by December I ran not just 5km but a half marathon. I feel great, it’s had life-changing results. If running isn’t for you, her toning class will whip you into shape.

Clarice doesn’t shout and grumble. Her style is uniquely supportive and hugely effective at getting the results you want. She is a role model with her own fitness transformation.

She gets how tough the journey is and never judges, always supports. She has become my friend and mentor and I couldn’t recommend her more highly to improve your fitness and feel good


Having Clarice as a trainer has the added benefit that she is a runner herself so really does understand the needs of someone training for a marathon.

She is personable, well mannered, attentive, encouraging and she WILL push you. However, I am glad she is definitely not a ‘drill sergeant’ as that would not have worked with me. And she will flex the training schedule depending on progress and time constraints.


I have been having personal training sessions with Clarice to help me in my goal of losing weight and doing the London marathon.

I am almost at my target weight, feel loads fitter and really pleased with my progress. Clarice always varies the sessions, which keeps it fun and interesting and manages to make me work harder than I could ever do on my own.

I think Clarice is a genuine and lovely person and would highly recommend her.

Peter McDonald

I’ve never been a runner, I hated it, pains in my ankles, shins etc. Within a couple of weeks with Clarice we started jogging, we were running 5Ks pretty quickly and not too long after, I managed my first 10K (I’ve run 3 now).

Her love of running is infectious and I definitely class myself as an amateur runner now, all because of her. Not sure she’ll get her way and have me run a half marathon as yet…but you never know!


Clarice is patient and very skilled in encouraging one to gain confidence, especially in areas like running.

The classes are motivating and fun and Clarice will gently push you to your very best ability.


I had some sessions with Clarice to help kick start my running journey.

She is very knowledgeable. She identified lots of areas that I needed to improve and gave me lots of instruction on how to run properly.

I would definitely recommend Clarice and will hopefully have more sessions with her in the future.


I have been training with Clarice for over a year now, and I have loved all my sessions. Clarice perfectly tailored my sessions to fit my ability – I was returning to exercise after a running injury, where I thought my running days were over.

Clarice started introducing short runs into our weekly sessions and before I knew it I was comfortably running 5km. Within a year, I have completed a couple of 10km, including one where I was dressed as Father Christmas!

The sessions have given me the confidence and strength to take my running to the next level and I have recently completed a 10-mile run. I highly recommend Clarice because she is a very motivated and positive personal trainer. Take the next step and book a session with Clarice you will find her energy is infectious.


I have been training with Clarice since March 2014. I decided to work with a personal trainer because I wanted to lose some weight for my wedding. I also wanted to get into shape for the New York marathon.

I meet Clarice once a week and we normally do a warm-up followed by a track session. This can be various sprint sessions or longer track sessions pushing me to get faster each time and working on my cardio fitness and strength.

We then do strength, weight and core training. Clarice works me hard and pushes me to achieve. It’s not easy but I have seen results! I have dropped a dress size and I feel so much healthier and stronger. Clarice is friendly and professional and I have found her to be flexible around dates and times when I have had other commitments or time constraints. I would highly recommend her.