I had some sessions with Clarice to help kick start my running journey.

She is very knowledgeable. She identified lots of areas that I needed to improve and gave me lots of instruction on how to run properly.

I would definitely recommend Clarice and will hopefully have more sessions with her in the future.


I have been doing Pilates with Clarice for a year or so now and I can really see the improvement to my core strength and my toning.

I’ve also recently begun personal training sessions with Clarice and she’s fantastic, she has listened to the areas I want to improve and has tailored the sessions to achieve my goals.

She also keeps them varied so I keep motivated, and is happy for me to request specific activities if I particularly want to focus on that.

She’s a great trainer, easy to work with, and a lovely person who is so determined to help me achieve results. Thanks Clarice!


Clarice has enabled me to focus and remain motivated with fitness. She is great at keeping me on track and very subtly lets me know when I have got it wrong or am not working hard enough.

She is very flexible in terms of where and when we train, which is crucial for someone like me who sometimes struggles with work and getting motivated at the beginning or end of the day. I would definitely recommend Clarice – the sessions are varied and when I want to focus on a particular thing.

Clarice is always willing to adapt. Finally, I cannot recommend enough the stretch and mini-massage that top the sessions off at the end – fabulous!


Due to weight gain following two operations on my spine, which had resulted in some nerve damage, I decided to try Clarice’s class through funding from Bromley Adults Education College.

Clarice took great care to understand what my limitations were and how we could go about building up my core strength without causing any damage to my existing condition. The class was well organised and there were many different people from all walks of life.

The class was friendly and any exercise I could not manage was happily accommodated and an alternative suggested. To be able to take part in such a class where you do not feel intimidated was a pleasant surprise.

Not only is it helping me build my strength up but also meeting new people in a caring and supportive environment has many other benefits both physically and mentally. I do hope funding will be continued for this very useful and supportive scheme.

Natasha E

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed my 1st Pilates class, despite being totally unfit and inflexible! I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS after a period of being paralysed from the knees down and going blind a few times.

I do suffer from balance issues and tiredness at times but at the moment I feel great, so my attention can now be focused on getting fitter! Thank you for inspiring me!


Before I met Clarice I was extremely unfit, I couldn’t even run to the end of the road without losing my breath. It’s safe to say Clarice has changed my life.

I am now fitter and more flexible than I was in my twenties! Clarice is a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; an expert in running, Pilates and personal training.

She has a warm and welcoming personality that has made our workouts consistently fun and engaging. Through continuous positive feedback, she has retrained my body and I have never felt stronger and healthier.


Thank you so much Clarice for your classes. Since I started to exercise with you I’m less stress and worried. I feel more confident and positive.

I was very depressed and I put lots of weight on. Now, I lost some weight and love your class because it’s fun and everybody is friendly. The classes are always dynamic and amazing. I’m very grateful.


I have been training with Clarice for about a year now and the sessions have been great. She has really made an effort to understand my fitness goals and has devised a programme that has allowed me to meet them.

I have also lost weight and I’m more confident. She is also friendly and approachable. I would certainly recommend her.


I met Clarice in 2013. I wanted to lose weight as I was classed obese for my height – my weight gain was mainly because of stress due to my son being disabled.

Clarice was very understanding and tried to help me by giving me concession on her fees. This enabled me to train with her three times a week for an hour and half to lose weight. I lost 13 kgs in less than four months.

Natasha J

I joined Clarice’s cardio class early this year and have seen many benefits. I was a thyroid patient before I joined the class.

The doctors had not been able to control it but after doing the workouts, it’s now under control and I have been off medication for 6 months. I lacked energy, was de-motivated and had problems sleeping.

Now I am so full of energy and sleep very well. I am much fitter now I would really recommend this to any woman who wants to live a healthy life!