Working with Clarice has been nothing short of life-changing for me. The ‘I’ll definitely work out next week’ excuse has been a mainstay for me for years, decades even. That was until my wife booked me in with Clarice in the summer of 2019, since then our twice-weekly one on one early morning hour in the park, although tough, has been very rewarding.

Clarice is motivating without being shouty/annoying she works on all areas of fitness which is great and brings interesting equipment so training is never boring.

I’m tall and have back and flexibility issues under Clarice’s supervision, my core has strengthened, I’m much much more flexible and I’m stronger than I have been for years…

Then there’s the running! I’ve never been a runner, I hated it, pains in my ankles, shins etc. Within a couple of weeks with Clarice we started jogging, we were running 5Ks pretty quickly and not too long after, I managed my first 10K (I’ve run 3 now) Her love of running is infectious and I definitely class myself as an amateur runner now, all because of her. Not sure she’ll get her way and have me run a half marathon as yet…but you never know!”

Cheers, Martin.


I found Clarice over the lockdown, and I have never looked back! When I was having a breakdown. She rescues me not only physically, emotionally and mentally I enjoyed my training sessions with Clarice which were fun and pitched at the right level for me.

Every session was different, and Clarice understood my needs.

I felt stronger and fitter after only a few sessions the hour would fly by!

Would thoroughly recommend training with Clarice to anyone thinking about improving their fitness and mental health.

Many thanks, Rosalie


Clarice is brilliant. She helped me out of a lockdown slump with her fab personal training sessions.

She got me feeling motivated again, physically fit and probably most importantly, mentally fit. I can’t recommend her enough! I’m still staying super active! Trudi x


I have been training with Clarise for roughly 10 months: I had had to shield whilst doing fulltime homeschooling throughout the lockdown and in the midst of all that, looking after my own health and fitness got lost.

I had been thinking about a personal trainer but usually imagined a man (being a man myself) and was put off by the ‘macho’ set of attitudes and values that seemed to come as part of the package with a male PT! (no offence intended!)

My wife found Clarice online and I decided to try training with her and she has provided exactly the kind of support I was after.

She very quickly came up with a programme providing just the right balance of Pilates, aerobics and weights to kickstart me out of my fitness slump, and I have been able to completely transform my lifestyle ever since, quickly losing fat and gaining muscle, gradually taking up cycling, weights training and Pilates at home, all inspired, motivated and underpinned by the central pivot of my weekly sessions with Clarice which I am still continuing as I feel that they are still, ten months on, essential to keeping this new fitness regime going and Continuing to embed it as a permanent part of my future life.

If you are looking for someone to support your fitness who is, in addition to being highly skilled and knowledgeable in her trade, calm, friendly, easygoing, gently supportive and encouraging, and able to facilitate you in pushing yourself to test your own limits without ever experiencing that pressure as unpleasant or harsh then Clarise is the fitness trainer for you!


As a habitual couch potato with health issues, physical fitness seemed out of my grasp, I wanted and needed change but attaining that change seemed impossible, I then found Clarice Fitness online, I made an appointment, nervous, could I do this?

Clarice immediately allayed all my fears, her warmth, passion, professionalism and her belief that we are all individuals, tailored an exercise programme to suit me, her support motivated me and her kindness enabled me to see that being fitter and stronger wasn’t just for others but it could be part of who I am too, it was within my reach.

The sessions are fun, varied and challenging too, training with Clarice has enhanced my confidence and selfesteem.

Get off that sofa, call Clarice, you won’t regret it, I promise.


I cannot praise Clarice Fitness enough. The exercises were tailored to fit my needs and level of fitness. Clarice not only provides personal training but also a whole programme of health and well-being, including tips on healthy eating. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was hesitant to exercise because of the pain.

Clarice was not only brilliant at making me feel at ease but she was also well informed about what I should and shouldn’t do which helped with my recovery.

I found the programme to be flexible and easy to fit around my working day. It’s the best thing I ever did and I would urge anyone who needs to get healthy and fit to give Clarice a call.


Each session with Clarice is different so never gets boring. Sessions can be indoor at home or outdoor in the park or outdoor gym or a run session. Clarice is very patient and gently encourages and instills confidence in your own abilities.

With Clarice I have gotten stronger and am always pleasantly surprised at some of the exercises I can now do that were beyond me 6 months ago.


I was introduced to Clarice by a neighbour who sang her praises and encouraged me to attend her classes.

I just thought of pain but went along anyway. I was surprised to see real women like myself having fun while exercising and even find myself enjoying workouts. The ladies are really supportive and encouraging. Clarice’s spirit and love of fitness shine through, even if she can’t count when challenging you to do one more exercise!

A full-body conditioning routine, with breaks. Highly recommend attending if you want a fitter, stronger, healthy version of yourself. You know you are worth it. Trust me, you will not regret it.


I have been with Clarice Fitness for 5 years. After years of being a couch potato, through the guidance of Clarice, I feel fitter, healthier and vastly more energetic.

Clarice is a true professional – she is someone who has a wealth of knowledge on fitness and is able to combine this with an approach suited to your specific goals, whether they be weight loss, toning or general fitness.

Affable, patient and highly competent, she encourages you to push your limits but also lets you leave the session with a smile on your face.

I cannot speak highly enough of her.


Clarice is amazing! She’s really turned my poor fitness around. I struggled with getting started after a break but she’s fun, kind but very professional.

I learnt how to work hard to build up strength and a better level of fitness.