I joined Clarice’s cardio class early this year and have seen many benefits. I was a thyroid patient before I joined the class.

The doctors had not been able to control it but after doing the workouts, it’s now under control and I have been off medication for 6 months. I lacked energy, was de-motivated and had problems sleeping.

Now I am so full of energy and sleep very well. I am much fitter now I would really recommend this to any woman who wants to live a healthy life!


I really didn’t believe that exercise could be fun, yet Clarice has made her classes a fun, social event, letting everyone work at their own pace, enjoying exercise. Yet she gives a gentle push each lesson to make you feel the benefit from her classes.


Working with Clarice has opened my mind to what I can achieve and taught me an important lesson in my approach to life in general; by being patient and working hard, I can achieve results.

I never thought I would enjoy exercising outside, even in winter, but I love it and can now run further than I ever thought possible. I look forward to my training sessions with Clarice, she has a gentle, encouraging and motivating approach and our training sessions are the perfect start to my weekend! I would definitely recommend her!


I started training with Clarice in late 2015, as I was very unfit and wanted to lose weight and become stronger and more flexible. I was nervous about getting a personal trainer and it was really important to find someone who understood me and I could work with.

When I first met Clarice I immediately felt relaxed and knew that she understood what I wanted to achieve. Also being a mum, she understood the lack of time I had to train.

Clarice pushes me and each session is different and varied. She senses when I am tired or lacking in energy and adapts the session to suit this but other times knows when to push me harder. The sessions are fun and varied and keep me interested. It’s always lovely to see a smiley face at 6am on a dark and cold morning!

For me, one of the big benefits of training with Clarice is her flexibility. She is able to work around me and my commitments, unlike other personal trainers. I would highly recommend training with Clarice.



I’ve been training with Clarice since December 2013. We talked through what I wanted from the sessions, then Clarice put together a training plan specific for me. We meet twice a week at Crystal Palace Sports Centre to work on my cardio and strength training.

I find having a personal trainer has been really beneficial. It’s motivated me and I have seen the results quite quickly. My overall fitness level has increased, I feel stronger and this has translated to better running.

Having Clarice as a trainer has the added benefit that she is a runner herself so really does understand the needs of someone training for a marathon. She is personable, well mannered, attentive, encouraging and she WILL push you. However, I am glad she is definitely not a ‘drill sergeant’ as that would not have worked with me. And, she will flex the training schedule depending on progress and time constraints.

Sharon De Torres

My sessions with Clarice have been great. She has really made an effort to understand my fitness goals and has devised a programme that has allowed me to meet them.

I have also lost 15 pounds in the process. She is also friendly and approachable. I would certainly recommend her.


I loved training with Clarice. When we met I mentioned that I liked being outdoors and that I wanted to learn exercises that didn’t rely on gym equipment. So we would meet in the park where we spent half the session running and half the session looking like mad people, using equipment that she would pull out of the back of her car.

Clarice will take her cue from you in terms of the way you want to exercise and how hard you want to push it. She will make sure you always go beyond what you think you can achieve but without ever taking a bullying approach.

A big part of what makes her an inspiring trainer is her own strength as a person.

Saskia Portway